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This page is a place you can return to over and over again to easily find links to a lot of my favorite resources.

I love sending people to Radiant Life for all kinds of health related products. Gelatin, fish and butter oils, salts and minerals, water testing and filtration, EMF protection and earthing products, and a ton more. These folks are fantastic to work with!

screenshot-2016-10-31-at-1-07-33-pmFor grassfed beef, lamb, pork, bison – for duck, rabbit, wild caught seafood, paleo snacks, and other organic products,  I point folks to the people at US Wellness at The quality is outstanding, service is quick, and often the shipping is entirely free. They share great recipes, bring on chefs to talk about food prep and others who bring out many aspects of health you may not have run into before.

And for all my favorite “go to” resources for books, dvds, and other gizmos, I’ve posted a ton of resources via my Amazon store below. If it’s here,  I’ve either read it, watched it, ate it, or used it AND can give it a hearty “Yes”, “Amen”, or “Two thumbs up”.  I’m always adding new things and using this format ensures you can get the best prices and free shipping whenever possible.


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